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I would like to start by introducing myself before we talk balloons!

My name is Tugba, I am a passionate balloon decorator and love meeting new people. My interest for balloons started when my youngest boy Eren was turning 1, after a long year of tears and joy, I wanted to make a big impression on his first birthday without having to be out of pocket. So..i enquired about ‘balloon garlands’ and to my surprise, they were a hit! My aim from that day was to learn about balloons and how to help mum’s and dad’s around the world like me to be able to make a big impression with balloons. That’s the very short story of a new beginning to a very long journey of balloons.

Now let’s talk Balloons – Please see the pictures below for inspiration. If you have any queries feel free to email me or call me on 0421 600 982. Please ensure you include ALL details when you are enquiring about your requested setup. Thank you

Now let’s talk Balloons

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